Case Study

End Client: Corrugated Metals, Inc.

(in partnership with Kale Ventures, Inc. and Threekit)

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Project overview

Established in 1887, Corrugated Metals (CMI), is a leading manufacturer of formed metal products, serving the construction, original equipment, and defense industries. With customers around the globe, CMI needed a better way to supply quotes and showcase their construction materials to potential customers.

Services used

  • Threekit Implementation
  • Web Development
  • System Integration and API
  • Software Solution Design
  • The Problem

    With dozens of different construction-related products in a multitude of colors all available on their website, CMI wanted to boost sales and differentiate itself from the competition by making requesting a quote simple and adding an easy, user-friendly, interactive interface to custom configure and visualize their offering.

    The Solution

    To better showcase CMI’s offering, Cognits created a user interface that could be easily integrated into the company’s website. Now, with just a few clicks through the Threekit-powered configurator and 3D artwork created by Kale Ventures, Inc., customers can get a better view of the products before they purchase. Choose between two views – a 3D version of the materials and a view of how they look in real life and with the ability to rotate, zoom, and change color in both settings, customers know exactly what they’re purchasing. Additionally, by adding a feature that allows customers to request a quote, CMI can collect data based on a customer's interests to make closing sales that much easier.

    Corrugated Metals Screenshot 1
    Corrugated Metals Screenshot 2



    Powered by Threekit configurator and using artwork created by Kale Ventures, Inc., Cognits improved CMI’s user interface to make it easy for customers to explore all of their products.


    With 3D rendering and customization powered by Threekit, CMI helps customers get a better view of their products before they purchase.


    By integrating quote requests with the exact product the customer is configuring and viewing, the customer and the sales team are on the same page before the sale begins.

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