Case Study


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Project overview

RewardsWeb is developing a browser extension that allows users to link their loyalty programs and keep their rewards in one place, making accumulating and spending rewards points easier than ever. Of course, a browser extension can be tricky in and of itself, but working with rewards points means integrating with many vendors who all have different systems, payment protocols, and rewards structures.

Services used

  • Staff Augmentation Services
  • API Integration
  • Web Browser Extension Creation
  • The Problem

    Linking different vendors to the RewardsWeb extension takes specialized knowledge. This was especially true when RewardsWeb attempted to integrate LATAM Airlines' rewards with RewardsWeb. To provide LATAM’s customers the ability to claim rewards or use reward points to purchase flights from LATAM’s website or from the RewardsWeb website, they needed experts to ensure every point was accounted for. They also needed to make sure that things continued to run smoothly.

    The Solution

    By adding developers with specialized knowledge and experienced product managers who could oversee the process, Cognits helped streamline integrating LATAM’s API with RewardsWeb’s API, ensuring rewards points would work seamlessly wherever they were used. In addition, Cognits assisted in building the web browser extension, providing expertise that allowed RewardsWeb current team to move the project forward even faster.



    Cognits provided the specialized skills RewardsWeb needed to push their project forward.


    Thanks to the expertise of the Cognits staff, the established team at RewardsWeb was able to do their work more efficiently and move the project forward even faster.


    The RewardsWeb browser extension is nearing completion and will soon be launched.

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