Case Study: Oriental Bank

Project Overview

Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Oriental Bank is a financial holding company that offers its services to residents and businesses in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. With a new online banking application in the works, Oriental Bank needed a web app that could report issues with the application through a ticket creation system, but the team working on the app was having difficulty delivering.

Services used

Agile Development Team

The Problem

Simply put, the team initially responsible for developing the web app for Oriental Bank was disorganized and did not hit their marks when it came to product delivery. In fact, they were a month and a half behind and were unable to supply a real vision of the final product or how they would deliver it.

The Solution

Cognits recommended an agile team that was specialized in scrum and led by an experienced Scrum Master. Before any coaching began, Cognits worked with the product owner and stakeholders to understand the problems and plan the best solution. Once they knew how to be most impactful, Cognits coached them on the best agile practices and set up the framework that productive projects need to succeed. By letting the team experiment with what worked best, they were able to adapt the best agile practices into their work and not only got back on track, but rather finish ahead of the completion date they were originally so far behind.


With agile coaching, Cognits turned around an underperforming team.
Due to Cognits training, the team exceeded expectations and finished their project ahead of schedule.
Thanks to Cognits, this once struggling team now has the tools for continued success in the future.

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